Email Hacking using Credential Harvester Attack (SET)

This video covers the Credential Harvester Attack of Social Engineering Toolkit, which is basically used for making an Automated clone and get credentials of the victim.

I had done it with a small setup of One machine with backtrack installed and other one being XP as the victim.

However a small issue comes with it. Why the victim will open your IP? 

Well simple, get into the DNS server, or create a fake DNS server and DHCP, and start giving IP with your own authorization. Once you are done with fake DNS, make a fake entry for poting to your Fake IP address. 

In case any issue comes in between, feel free to contact me at :)

Stay Focused, Keep Hacking.


  1. Sir, Can I Use No-ip For Fake Dns Generation or you have better way To Confuse The Victim...

  2. if u r in a network, go for fake DNS server (karmetasploit can be handy).

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